Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes Recipe

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Mastro's Lobster Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes Recipe

what is Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes?

Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes is a scrumptious dish that combines creamy mashed potatoes with flavorful lobster. To make this delightful recipe, start by steaming a lobster and chopping its meat into bite-sized pieces.

Meanwhile, cook peeled and cubed potatoes with the lobster shell, creating a rich base. In a skillet, brown the lobster with butter for a burst of savory goodness. Once the potatoes are tender, mash them until smooth, adding butter, heavy cream, and optional tarragon for extra taste.

Finally, fold in the lobster and its sauce, creating a mouthwatering blend. The dish is then served in a bowl, topped with a pat of butter for a glossy finish, and sprinkled with chives for added freshness.

Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes is a luxurious and comforting treat, perfect for those who enjoy the delightful combination of velvety potatoes and succulent lobster.

The Ingredients & Tools Needs For Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes

The ingredients and Tools are as follows:

Lobster: You will need 1 lobster. Use fresh lobster or you can use frozen lobster to make this dish. Use Ready Seafood brand wild-caught lobster to get the best result.

Potatoes: You will need 1 1/2 lbs of potatoes (peeled, washed, and cubed). Use RUSSET POTATOES At The Neighborhood Corner Store.

Butter: You will need 3 tbsp of unsalted butter. Use Kerrygold or Gracejoful brand Lurpak Unsalted Butter to get the best result.

Heavy Cream: You will need 1/3 cup of heavy cream. Use Horizon Organic or Amazon Fresh brand heavy cream.

Mastro's Lobster Mashed Potatoes Recipe Ingredients
Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes Recipe Ingredients

Tarragon: You will need 1 tbsp of chopped tarragon. Chop the fresh tarragon with a knife as preparation.

Chives: You will need 1 tbsp of chopped chives for garnish. Use Fresh brand chives or use what you have on hand.

Salt & Pepper: You will need some salt and ground black pepper to taste. Use Morton salt and McCormick brand ground black pepper.

Equipment & Tools:

You will need a Stove, Pot, Skillet, Cutting Board, Knife, Measuring Cup, Measuring Spoon, Stirring Spoon, And Serving Bowl.

So, let’s see How To Make the Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes Recipe at Home!

Mastro's Lobster Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Josephen & Animash
Follow this Mastro's Lobster Mashed Potatoes Recipe ingredients and directions to make the perfect Lobster Mashed Potatoes like Mastro's restaurant.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Main Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Calories 696 kcal

Equipment & Tools

  • Stove
  • Steamer
  • Pot
  • Skillet
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
  • Measuring Cup
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Stirring Spoon
  • Serving Bowl



Prepare the Lobster:

  • Steam the lobster for 8 minutes.
  • Place the steamed lobster in an ice bath for 1-2 minutes.
  • Remove the lobster meat from the shell and chop it into bite-sized pieces.

Prepare the Lobster Sauce:

  • In a skillet over medium-high heat, melt 1 tablespoon of butter.
  • Add the chopped lobster to the skillet when the butter begins to brown.
  • Brown the lobster for 1-2 minutes, being careful not to overcook.
  • Transfer the lobster and any juices in the skillet to a bowl and set aside.

Cook the Potatoes:

  • In a large pot, add the lobster shell to the cubed potatoes and cover with water.
  • Bring the water to a boil and cook until the potatoes are tender.

Mash the Potatoes:

  • Strain the water and lobster shells from the cooked potatoes and return them to the pot.
  • Mash the potatoes until smooth.
  • Add the remaining 2 tablespoons of butter, heavy cream, chopped tarragon (if using), and salt and pepper to taste. Mix well.

Combine Lobster and Potatoes:

  • Fold the browned lobster and sauce into the mashed potatoes until well combined.


  • Transfer the lobster mashed potatoes to a serving bowl.
  • Top with an additional pat of butter to make it glisten.
  • Sprinkle chopped chives over the top for added freshness and flavor.
  • Enjoy your delicious Mastro's Lobster Mashed Potatoes!


Serving: 250gramsCalories: 696kcal (35%)Carbohydrates: 20g (7%)Protein: 12.7g (25%)Fat: 66.2g (102%)Saturated Fat: 41g (256%)Polyunsaturated Fat: 0gMonounsaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gCholesterol: 196mg (65%)Sodium: 528mg (23%)Potassium: 1075mg (31%)Fiber: 3.4g (14%)Sugar: 1g (1%)Calcium: 347mg (35%)Iron: 9mg (50%)
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Variations & Tips For Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes Recipe


Cheesy Twist: Stir in a cup of your favorite shredded cheese into the mashed potatoes for an indulgent cheesy flavor. Cheddar or Parmesan work well.

Spicy Kick: Add a pinch of cayenne pepper or a dash of hot sauce to the lobster sauce for a spicy kick. Adjust the heat level to your liking.

Herb Infusion: Experiment with different herbs for added freshness. Replace tarragon with basil or dill to discover new flavor combinations.


Fresh Ingredients Matter: Use fresh lobster and potatoes for the best results. Fresh ingredients enhance the overall taste and texture of the dish.

Don’t Overcook the Lobster: Be cautious when browning the lobster in the skillet; overcooking can make it tough. Aim for a golden brown color and a juicy texture.

Consistency is Key: Achieve a smooth and creamy texture in the mashed potatoes by mashing them thoroughly. Consistency makes the dish more enjoyable.

what to serve with Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes?

Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes go well with a variety of dishes. Here are some simple and tasty options to serve alongside:

Grilled Steak: Pair the lobster mashed potatoes with a juicy grilled steak. The creamy potatoes complement the savory flavors of the steak, creating a delicious combination.

Roasted Vegetables: Serve the mashed potatoes with a side of roasted vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, or asparagus. The veggies add a nice contrast in texture and flavor.

Roasted Vegetables For Mastro's Lobster Mashed Potatoes As A Side Dish
Roasted Vegetables For Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes As A Side Dish

Garlic Butter Shrimp: Create a delightful seafood feast by serving lobster mashed potatoes with garlic butter shrimp. The buttery and garlicky shrimp enhance the overall taste experience.

Simple Green Salad: Balance the richness of the dish with a simple green salad. A light salad with vinaigrette dressing adds freshness to the meal.

Grilled Chicken: For a lighter option, pair the lobster mashed potatoes with grilled chicken. The combination of creamy potatoes and tender chicken is satisfying and comforting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use frozen lobster for this recipe?

It’s better to use fresh lobster for the best taste. Frozen lobster may affect the texture and flavor.

What can I substitute for tarragon in the mashed potatoes?

If you’re not a fan of tarragon, try using basil or dill for a different herb flavor that suits your preference.

Can I make the mashed potatoes ahead of time?

Yes, you can prepare the mashed potatoes in advance and reheat them. However, it’s recommended to add the lobster and sauce just before serving for optimal freshness.

Do I have to include heavy cream in the mashed potatoes?

Heavy cream adds creaminess, but you can use milk as a lighter alternative. Adjust the quantity based on your taste and preference.

What’s the best way to steam a lobster if I don’t have a steamer?

If you don’t have a steamer, you can place the lobster on a rack in a pot with a little water and cover it tightly. Steam until the lobster is cooked through.

Can I make this recipe without butter for a lighter version?

While butter contributes to the richness of the dish, you can reduce the amount or use a butter substitute if you prefer a lighter option.

What type of cheese can I add for a cheesy variation?

Cheddar or Parmesan cheese works well for a cheesy twist. Simply stir in a cup of your favorite shredded cheese into the mashed potatoes.

how to store Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes?

To store Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes, refrigerate them in an airtight container for up to 2 days. When reheating, add a splash of cream or milk to maintain creaminess. For longer storage, freeze in a freezer-safe container for up to 2 months; thaw in the refrigerator before reheating.

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Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes offer a delectable blend of creamy potatoes and flavorful lobster, creating a dish that’s both indulgent and comforting. With variations like adding cheese or a spicy kick, it’s versatile to suit different tastes.

Following simple tips, using fresh ingredients, and serving with complementary dishes enhance the overall dining experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with grilled steak or garlic butter shrimp, this dish elevates the joy of savoring good food.

Mastro’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes is a delightful recipe, bringing together the richness of lobster and the heartiness of mashed potatoes.

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