Best Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe

This Pink Rabbit Cocktail Recipe is perfect if you enjoy gin-based drinks. In this article, In this article, I’ve shared the Best Craig Nelson Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe along with detailed information that you’ll like.

Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe
Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe

What Is Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe?

Craig Nelson of Proof Cocktail Bar in Charleston, South Carolina, created this Pink Rabbit cocktail. The Pink Rabbit Drink is a sweet and spicy strawberry cocktail. The Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe is a straightforward combination of Gin, Chile Liqueur, Strawberry Milk, Bitters, and of course ice. You need also Fresh Strawberry & Mint Sprigs for garnish.

Once you get the basic method, you may experiment with it. Numerous people have gradually altered the types of alcohol brands they drink and how much they drink. 

The Ingredients You Will Need For Pink Rabbit Drink In Details:

Gin: You should use Hendrick’s Gin brand, but you can use another gin for variation.

Chile Liqueur: Must use the Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur brand.

Strawberry Milk: Use homemade strawberry milk or you can use store-bought strawberry milk.

Bitters: Use Mole Bitters to get the best taste or you can use other bitters brands.

Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe Ingredients
Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe Ingredients

Ice: The best quality of ice is required for this cocktail.

Fresh Strawberry & Mint Sprig: Use 1/2 strawberry and mint sprigs For Garnish.

The Tools You Will Need For Pink Rabbit Drink:

Cocktail Shaker, Strainer, Jigger, Wine Glass.

So, let’s see How To Make the Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe!

Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe

Best Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe

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If you follow the instructions and use the ingredients listed in this Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe, you will be able to make a delicious Pink Rabbit Drink just like a real bartender.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 135 kcal

Equipment & Tools

  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Strainer
  • Jigger
  • Wine Glass



  • Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice.
  • Add Hendrick's Gin, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, Strawberry Milk, and Mole Bitters.
  • Shaking the cocktail shaker for 10 to 15 seconds will combine the components.
  • Strain the mixture into your wine glass.
  • Garnish with Fresh Strawberry & Mint Sprigs.
  • Enjoy your Pink Rabbit Drink at home!


Serving: 5ozCalories: 135kcal (7%)Carbohydrates: 10.3g (3%)Protein: 2.8g (6%)Fat: 0.7g (1%)Saturated Fat: 0.5g (3%)Polyunsaturated Fat: 0gMonounsaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gCholesterol: 4mg (1%)Sodium: 43mg (2%)Potassium: 0mgFiber: 0gSugar: 9.9g (11%)Calcium: 106mg (11%)Iron: 0mg
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Valuable Tips

Can I Change Or Add Any Ingredients?

Certainly, you can experiment with various liquors and bitters. You could also substitute store-bought strawberry milk.

Can I Prepare This Pink Rabbit Drink in Advance?

The ingredients for the Pink Rabbit Drink can be prepared in advance. The drink can be made in advance by combining the ingredients in a pitcher and storing it in the refrigerator.

What Are The Benefits Of Making This Pink Rabbit Drink At Home?

You can save money by not purchasing it from a restaurant or bar, where the cost is much greater.

The Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe can be made to your preferences.

To impress your guests, make Pink Rabbit Drink at home. Make a batch of this cocktail to demonstrate your bartending skill.

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The Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe is a tasty combination. There are only seven components in this Pink Rabbit cocktail, and you only need five minutes and four tools to mix it. You can’t go wrong serving up a pitcher of Pink Rabbit Drink at your next get-together.

You may quickly and easily whip up this charming pink rabbit drink for your loved ones by gathering the necessary ingredients and tools. I hope you enjoy the Pink Rabbit Drink Recipe. Please share Pink Rabbit Drink with your loved ones, members of your family, and close friends, and then leave a comment in the area provided below.

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